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6 Simple Ideas to Help You Reconnect with Your Partner

Couple Kiss on Sunset

You’re both busy people. There are long days at work, family commitments, chores and if you have kids, and babies in particular, it’s unlikely you’re getting all the sleep you would like. How then can you have time alone with your significant other to be intimate with your romantic partner? Here are some simple and effective ideas to relight the romance and keep your relationship on track in spite of hectic schedules.

Finding time to regularly bond with your partner is so important as it keeps your relationship healthy and happy. You and your partner are a team and staying connected keeps you both excited about your future together.

It really is worth the effort to find the time to connect with your partner. If you do not find the time to reconnect, the relationship can feel unsatisfying. You and your partner may feel that you are in a stale, unromantic relationship where you are just fulfilling your obligations. If this continues, over time you may be requesting a legal separation or divorce. You can change this with these simple ideas:

1. Ordinary things can be made romantic
Whilst you may put time and effort into getting the perfect gift for your partner to mark their birthday, your anniversary or the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to be romantic. Find the romance in everyday things.

Make time to eat together. Turn off your phones and sit down together at a table with candles and talk about your day. Let the conversation flow. Let your partner talk and really listen to what they are saying. You’ll learn little things about each other when you listen. You’ll feel cared about and connected.

Watch your favourite television show together snuggled up on the sofa after the kids have gone to bed. Get your favourite drinks and snacks and your evening is an at-home ‘date night’. Perhaps you can ask friends or family to childcare for the night and the anticipation of being alone all evening will likely create romantic sparks.

Married Vs Single: Which is better for Your Health?

Married Vs Single

Get married or stay single? Well, you might not be knowing it but either of these choices might have a major impact on your health. The question is, which lifestyle is better?

A lot of studies have been taken over the years trying to investigate if being married really makes an individual healthier and happier compared to their single counterparts. Thing is, being single gives an individual a sense of freedom and it can also be fun. After all, you have the entire bed and house to yourself and you are also not accountable to anyone. On the other hand, marriage is a source of comfort and it makes life more meaningful. But when we talk about the benefits and risks as far as health is concerned, how do these two lifestyles compare?

Well, without a doubt, it is an individual’s responsibility to keep their health at check. But it is also true that some life choices such as marriage and career have a major impact on your health status. Let us consider some ways in which either lifestyle affects your health and lifespan:

Heart and Mental Health

Being single exposes you to loneliness and isolation. On the other hand, the wrong partner can actually drive you crazy. Which is better? According to research, fewer married people suffer from depression or abuse substances compared to the single counterparts. This is mainly because in marriage there is financial, physical and emotional support. Married people have more psychosocial exposure compared to single individuals. On the other hand, single people have more time at their disposal, which means that they get to attend events and surround themselves with friends even more which would make up to the absence of company in singlehood. Being single, there is less drama in your life and hence more peace of mind.

China Health Management Corp.-Appoints Additional Management Team

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–(MARKET WIRE) — China Health Management Corp. (Nevada Company) (Other OTC:CNHC.PK – News) is pleased to announce the appointment of the following individuals to its management team.

Administrative Director, Head of Finance and Accounting.

XU, Liang – Graduated from Yunnan University in 1990 with Bachelor’s M.SC Degree in Electronic physics. After graduation, Mr. Liang was employed by the Kunming Railroad Bureau as an executive officer of electricity services section for 3 years and has 5 years experience in management as an assistant to the general manager of the commercial sector. Mr. Liang joined Xin Hua Hospital in 2003 as an Administrative Executive. With his management skills and remarkable Executive performance in the hospital and medical industry, Mr. Liang joins the RICHLAND International Hospital as a key role player in the high level management team.

Finance Manager, Finance and Accounting Department.

WEN, Jie – Graduated from Kunming Zhi Jin College with a major in Accounting in 1982, awarded Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese literature by Yunnan Radio and TV University in 1987 and was awarded a Masters Degree in Economics by Yunnan Agricultural University in 2003. Mrs. Jie has over 24 years experience in accounting policies, financial management, reporting and tax compliance. Since 1982 Mrs. Jie was in charge of the finance and accounting department in Kunming City’s Dong Chuan People’s Hospital as Chief of Finance.

China Health Management Corp.: Celebrates the Grand Opening of the Richland International Hospital in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China

Market research shows that the health-sensitive high-consuming population in China is expanding by 30% every year with a large market potential. About 2% to 5% of consumers in the medical market at present would opt for high-end medical institutions. These consumers are mostly white-collar employees or owners of private enterprises who are highly educated and have a much higher income level. These consumers also have higher expectations for medical services; however, neither public hospitals nor private medical institutions can meet their expectations. High-end medical services seem to be emerging in large cities, but in reality, both practitioners and “experienced” patients consider that the “high-ends” have not yet formed a clear standard, and the present services still have much room for improvement. The Richland International Hospital is the first of its kind to provide that high end turn key medical services solution that meets those high expectation standards.

China Health Management Corp. Announces the Completion of Its Joint Venture Agreement with Richard Technology Co. Ltd. to Build Richland International Hospital Project in Kunming City, Yunnan, China

YUNNAN, China, Nov 16, 2006 (PrimeZone Media Network via COMTEX News Network) — China Health Management Corp. (CHMC) (Pink Sheets:CNHC), a Nevada Corporation, is pleased to announce that the Company has completed signing a joint venture agreement with Richard Technology Co. Ltd. of China to build Yunnan’s first high-end hospital in China. Richard Technology Co. Ltd. (RTCL) is a holding company based in Yunnan, China. RCTL has received exclusive healthcare and medical licenses from federal, provincial and municipal governments of China for operating a hospital and a medical center in Yunnan, China. The Richland International hospital project in Kunming City has commenced construction of its infrastructure and is expecting completion of construction at the end of the first quarter 2007.

China Health Management Corp. – Announces New Corporate Website

style=”text-align: justify;”>LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–(MARKET WIRE)–Aug 29, 2007 — China Health Management Corp. (a Nevada Company) (Other OTC:CNHC.PK – News) is pleased to announce that its newly developed corporate website is now available at www.chinahealthcorp.com.

China Health Management will keep its shareholders updated with current information on the Richland International Hospital and other medical / health service projects in the coming news releases.

China Health Management Corp.-Richland International Hospital Introduces a Modern Healthcare Management Model

Excessive fatigue due to overworked individuals has already become widespread in China, in a worst case scenario has caused death. In common cases, many people in particular “white collar” workers and senior management usually do not pay attention to their personal health and as a result do not have regular physical examinations. RIH have introduced the Healthcare Management Centre, serving its members by taking the initiative to provide a personalized user friendly and integrity based healthcare service. RIH is responsible for their member’s health based on traditional practice and biological – psychology – sociological medicine pattern as a foundation and pay great attention to integrated prevention, treatment and overall health recovery services. Up until October of 2007, RIH has provided standard physical examinations and healthcare management services to their VIP members but starting immediately RIH’s healthcare management centre will provide nine new kinds of treatment and they are as follows:

China Health Management Corp.: Richland International Hospital Signs Contract With OLYMPUS for Minimally Invasive Endoscopes

After several meetings with the Deputy Regional Director, Deputy Division Manager and Technical Managers from OLYMPUS of China in November and December, Richland International Hospital has signed a $1.15USD million contract with OLYMPUS on January 10, 2008 to set up the first Minimally Invasive Operating Theatre in China.

The project will begin before the Chinese New Year and OLYMPUS will be responsible for all technical planning, support and maintenance service. OLYPUS will continue to contribute to the realization of better healthcare by pursuing the themes of patient friendly medical care that supports early detection and treatment of diseases, high reliability through products of outstanding quality and performance, and excellent efficiency through products and services that enhance the effectiveness of medical services to improve quality of life for patients.