6 Simple Ideas to Help You Reconnect with Your Partner

Couple Kiss on Sunset

You’re both busy people. There are long days at work, family commitments, chores and if you have kids, and babies in particular, it’s unlikely you’re getting all the sleep you would like. How then can you have time alone with your significant other to be intimate with your romantic partner? Here are some simple and effective ideas to relight the romance and keep your relationship on track in spite of hectic schedules.

Finding time to regularly bond with your partner is so important as it keeps your relationship healthy and happy. You and your partner are a team and staying connected keeps you both excited about your future together.

It really is worth the effort to find the time to connect with your partner. If you do not find the time to reconnect, the relationship can feel unsatisfying. You and your partner may feel that you are in a stale, unromantic relationship where you are just fulfilling your obligations. If this continues, over time you may be requesting a legal separation or divorce. You can change this with these simple ideas:

1. Ordinary things can be made romantic
Whilst you may put time and effort into getting the perfect gift for your partner to mark their birthday, your anniversary or the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to be romantic. Find the romance in everyday things.

Make time to eat together. Turn off your phones and sit down together at a table with candles and talk about your day. Let the conversation flow. Let your partner talk and really listen to what they are saying. You’ll learn little things about each other when you listen. You’ll feel cared about and connected.

Watch your favourite television show together snuggled up on the sofa after the kids have gone to bed. Get your favourite drinks and snacks and your evening is an at-home ‘date night’. Perhaps you can ask friends or family to childcare for the night and the anticipation of being alone all evening will likely create romantic sparks.

2. Touch
Touch is a very simple and effective form of intimacy. Touch is particularly important when you haven’t had time for sex. Touch is a simple as holding hands. Learn how to give a great foot massage. Kisses longer than 6 seconds and hugs when you see each other after work help you to feel closer to your partner.

3. Reminisce
It’s fun to look back on your first dates together. Share how you felt at the time. Remember times that you laughed together. It will remind you of the connection you have and what it is you love about each other. You can laugh at the silly things you did and it may give you ideas as to activities you want to repeat or places you want to go to. Put on a song that you used to dance to, and dance in the living room.

4. Shared interests
It’s healthy to have your own interests, but find something you can do together to reconnect on a more regular basis. Cook together or join the community choir. Watch your partner in their favourite sport, take an interest in their progress and be proud of their achievements. Do fun things together to create new memories.

5. Shared ambitions
Sharing your goals and dreams are vital for a couple. Make commitments to each other to try and reach your ideals. You can be excited about the future as a team. Do you want to leave your job and be self-employed. Where do you want to go on vacation? Create a loose plan of where you want to be in the future.

6. Gratitude
Celebrate all that your partner does for you. Leave love notes in their bag or pocket. Give them little gifts to say ‘Thank you’ for all they do to help you. Let them know you do not take them for granted.

Cherish each other. Support each other. Listen to each other. Do these things and your bond will be strong. Small actions and efforts often can create big results in bringing you closer together.