China Health Management Corp. is Nevada Corporation. The company is a healthcare and management company focused on the operation and management of hospitals and the medical industry in China. The company’s goal is to establish a leading position in the high-end medical market in Yunnan Province, China in three-five years and to secure a 40% market share of the private medical services industry.management

Public hospitals mainly provide services for people with low and medium incomes. The unreasonable allocation of medical resources has overloaded these hospitals, making it difficult to meet the needs of ordinary patients. Furthermore, some large public hospitals even provide high-end medical services, luxurious wards and home visit diagnosis services, triggering complaints by ordinary patients.

Market research shows that the health-sensitive high-consuming population in China is expanding by 30% every year with a large market potential. About 2%-5% of consumers in the medical market at present would opt for high-end medical institutions. These consumers are mostly white-collar employees or owners of private enterprises who are relatively better educated and have a higher income. They also have higher expectations for their medical services. However, neither public hospitals nor private medical institutions have met their expectations fully until now with China Health Management.