China Health Management Corp.-Richland International Hospital Introduces a Modern Healthcare Management Model

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA–(MARKET WIRE) — China Health Management Corp. (Nevada Company) (Other OTC:CNHC.PK – News) is pleased to announce that its Richland International Hospital (RIH) introduces a modern healthcare management model.

Excessive fatigue due to overworked individuals has already become widespread in China, in a worst case scenario has caused death. In common cases, many people in particular “white collar” workers and senior management usually do not pay attention to their personal health and as a result do not have regular physical examinations. RIH have introduced the Healthcare Management Centre, serving its members by taking the initiative to provide a personalized user friendly and integrity based healthcare service. RIH is responsible for their member’s health based on traditional practice and biological – psychology – sociological medicine pattern as a foundation and pay great attention to integrated prevention, treatment and overall health recovery services. Up until October of 2007, RIH has provided standard physical examinations and healthcare management services to their VIP members but starting immediately RIH’s healthcare management centre will provide nine new kinds of treatment and they are as follows:

– heavy metal biology nutrition treatment.

– balanced liver detoxification treatment.

– chronic nasosinusitis treatment.

– fat reduction treatment.

– melancholia, insomnia treatment.

– stomach and intestines management treatment.

– chronic weary immunity disorder syndrome treatment.

– tumor treatment.

– ache and pain treatment.

– cirrhosis, hepatitis liver protective treatment.