Married Vs Single: Which is better for Your Health?

Married Vs Single

Get married or stay single? Well, you might not be knowing it but either of these choices might have a major impact on your health. The question is, which lifestyle is better?

A lot of studies have been taken over the years trying to investigate if being married really makes an individual healthier and happier compared to their single counterparts. Thing is, being single gives an individual a sense of freedom and it can also be fun. After all, you have the entire bed and house to yourself and you are also not accountable to anyone. On the other hand, marriage is a source of comfort and it makes life more meaningful. But when we talk about the benefits and risks as far as health is concerned, how do these two lifestyles compare?

Well, without a doubt, it is an individual’s responsibility to keep their health at check. But it is also true that some life choices such as marriage and career have a major impact on your health status. Let us consider some ways in which either lifestyle affects your health and lifespan:

Heart and Mental Health

Being single exposes you to loneliness and isolation. On the other hand, the wrong partner can actually drive you crazy. Which is better? According to research, fewer married people suffer from depression or abuse substances compared to the single counterparts. This is mainly because in marriage there is financial, physical and emotional support. Married people have more psychosocial exposure compared to single individuals. On the other hand, single people have more time at their disposal, which means that they get to attend events and surround themselves with friends even more which would make up to the absence of company in singlehood. Being single, there is less drama in your life and hence more peace of mind.


According to science, married individuals tend to live in a comfort zone and they really don’t care about their health and shape. On the other hand, single individuals are still in the market. They therefore tend to eat more healthily and exercise more often compared to married individuals. For this reason, being married puts you at a higher risk of being obese compared to being single.

Life Span

Who lives longer of these two lifestyles? Married individuals tend to live longer compared to the single ones. Having a family and a spouse gives you something to live for therefore chances of committing suicide are lower. Also, a sick married individual tends to recover faster as their spouse is there to take care of them. Also, under the influence of their partners, married individuals tend to visit the doctor regularly for checkups and also they give up alcohol more easily. All in all, it is not just about being married. The quality of your relationship also matters.

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